Glass is made when Sand, Metals and Chemicals are fused together under high temperatures generated by Electricity. All these materials come from the natural world around us and it is an awareness of this which underpins all activities at Super Sealed Units. We constantly strive to minimize the impact our operations have on the environment by ensuring efficient use of energy and other resources.

Efficient use means minimizing waste. Be it through using LED lighting and harvesting rainwater, to using the latest technology to reduce the power consumption of our tempering furnaces. Everyone at Super Sealed Units works to deliver customer and business value while working to conserve resources, minimize waste and recycle every possible material used in operations.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is designed to maintain our commitment to fulfil our Responsibility to protecting our Environment.


Glass is a beautiful product which transforms everything it is used in, but it is glass, and glass breaks.  Our number one priority and absolute commitment above all else is to ensuring the safety of our staff, customers and the general public. We work on the fundamental premise that none of our processes or products should harm or injure any person at any time which is as a result of negligence or poor workmanship.

Super Sealed Units has built a “Sensible Health and Safety” ethos into the Company’s culture and this is strictly governed by the Health & Safety Management System.

We ensure that everyone involved in delivery of the company’s services have the appropriate levels of competency to address their health and safety responsibilities. We are a “learning” organisation, always looking to evaluate and improve our processes and constantly monitoring our activities to ensure that everyone goes home in the same good health that they arrived.


Super Sealed Units has become synonymous with the highest quality glass and sealed unit products in the industry. Quality is never compromised at Super Sealed and remains a core value embraced by everyone within the Organisation.

We achieved this by ensuring our manufacturing and performance standards, from design and testing through to production, comply strictly to BS and EN product standards.

We are proud BSI Kitemark licence holders for over 15 years and guarantee only the best levels of workmanship. Our methods and working practices are continuously assessed and monitored to always provide a fully BS EN standard compliant product to our customers.