Super Sealed Units allow greater design flexibility and architectural freedom with the solution of Dow Corning.
  • Used at commercial glazing, we design with confidence for durable glazing protection.

  • Dow Corning is used all round on our stepped units, providing durability and UV resistance. These double glazed units provide excellent performance, regardless of high or low temperatures, rain or snow. Our sealant, bonds to most conventional substrates such as ceramic frits.

Specialist sealed double glazed units for commercial and domestic Construction Markets

Super Sealed Units is one of the UK’s leading independent processors of specialist sealed double glazed units for commercial and domestic Construction Markets. We have become one of the top UK companies to produce commercial glass units for high end clients.

  • We manufacture structural glass up to 6000mm x 3210mm.

  • For Structural Units used in large commercial buildings, we manufacture all types of glass, to meet your architectural requirements.

  • Frameless glazing adds a beautiful aspect in building structures, as thicker and stronger glass are used for supporting new installations. As framing systems are not exploited, the glass is fixed into the building structurer using fixings. These fixings are generally hidden in channels ensuring you see a complete glass installation.

  • We can create glass box structures which provide a greater scope for architects. Our projects reflect the work we do, see our case studies.

  • We manufacture architectural glass facades to architectural roof panels

Examples of our work include, toughened laminate composed into a sealed unit, supported on all edges (stepped units) with elegant painted borders, with additions of self-cleaning and sandblasted processes, which provide a brilliant finish. To ensure G-Values and U-Values are maintained, we provide solar glass to meet architectural requirements.


As architects become ever more innovative with glass, designing buildings with full facades are now achievable through toggle units. These glass units are bonded together to create a flush glass finish.

We work with a wide range of profiles, that will provide structural integrity and thermal performances which are considered as a valuable option for high rising buildings.

We work to your requirements to match your toggle locations and fixing points.